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BUMP BOWLS (Babies first home)

Bump bowls are a fantastic, fun way to capture your pregnancy and create a one off piece of art that is truly unique to you.

Your Bump Bowl can be decorated in any way you choose, for example- painted plain or with a design or babies name on it. Covered in petals. Covered in lace or any other material. Or even embellished with an item from your wedding like your hair ornament or dried flowers!

Literally let your imagination take you away!

You can be cast right up to full term for this and is totally safe for you and baby. The process only takes around 20 minutes and once the Bowl is released from you, you will find it amazing seeing your bump from another angle! Bump bowls look gorgeous hung in your babies nursery or can even be placed on the kitchen table and filled with fruit!

Once your little one has arrived you can also bring your baby and Bump Bowl back to me for your babies first photo shoot and I will use the Bowl as a prop for your baby to lie in. This photoshoot is called 'Babies first home' and its a beautiful way to combine your pregnancy and birth together.


Bump Bowls start at just £49 for a bowl that's painted in one colour. If you would like your Bowl to be decorated further, it's best to contact me to discuss your ideas and I can guide you with any ideas I may have too.

Have a look on my gallery page for ideas..