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Victoria Evans Body Casting
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How long does it take?
This really depends on the type of cast you are having done. Taking the mould of the body part can take from 1 minute for a babies hand or foot to 30 minutes for a torso.

Is it safe on babies skin?
Yes, we use the same product that dentists use to take impressions. It’s non toxic and is seaweed based.

What if my baby wriggles through the process?
As the product sets it becomes more ridged so this will restrict a certain amount of movement. I can usually see if the mould is successful but on the rare occasion that it isn’t, I will re-cast for no extra charge until we have a perfect mould.

What do I wear?
For baby casts, babies will be stripped down to his/her vest just in case they do have a wriggle! For women’s breast casts it’s best to wear loose clothing before and recommend no bra to be worn an hour before so there is no visible strap marks.

Is it really messy?
I’m not going to lie; it’s a bit messy! However I will do my upmost to keep you as clean and comfortable as possible. Once the mould has been removed from the body, most of the mess comes off with the cast. I always offer a shower and freshen up to all clients.

How long does it take you to finish a cast?
Smaller casts such as lip and nipples take only a few days. However baby hands and feet take approximately two weeks and larger body casts such as torsos and pregnancy casts take approximately three to four weeks as the drying time and finishing time is much longer and is something that cannot be rushed.