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Victoria Evans Body Casting
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All prices are approximate as it can vary depending on dress size, bra size or whether you are male or female.
For definite quotes or to find out about applying silver & gold finishes please contact me for a free consultation.

Modroc Casts

Bump only (Bump Bowl)
Modroc Bump & Breast

From £45.00 (plain painted) Additional artwork on quotation
From £65.00

If you fancied something a little more decorative (maybe to match your nursery) why not go for a modroc cast?
It's a fantastic technique that captures your shape and it can be decorated in any way you choose!
Modroc casts can be done right up to full term and prices start from just £45 for a simple cast painted in your choice of colour.
We'll be more than happy to discuss any ideas you have and can quote definite prices during a free consultation.
Check out the gallery page for ideas.

Baby hand & foot casts birth - 4 months.
Hardwood or vintage frames available, please ask for details.

Baby hand x 1
Baby foot x 1
Hand or Foot - Framed
Pair of Hands or Feet
Pair of Hands or Feet - Framed
Pair of Hands & Pair of Feet - Framed

From £69.00
From £120.00
From £199.00

Aliginale (All prices are approximate and the cut off point for pregnancy casts is 35 weeks gestation.)

Bump Only
Bump & 1 Hand
Bump & 2 Hands
Bump & Breast
Bump & Breasts
Bump, Breasts & 1 Hands
Bump, Breasts & 2 Hands


Clasped family hands

3 hands
4 hands
5 hands
Couples hands


Other casts

Torso casts
Breast casts
Bottom casts
Lip cast
Nipple cast

From £155.00
From £95.00
From £150.00

Glass Display Domes from £20

Unique Cards
For a unique Birthday/Christmas or Valentines card why not get your lips cast in a 'kissing' pose & I'll mount them on a card for you! It's a really fun card that's simply a one off! You can even use your 'kiss' to mount on your wall afterwards to use as your very own piece of art!
'Kissing' cards are just £15.00

Why not treat someone special you love to some body casting gift vouchers. They can be made up to any amount and come gift wrapped on request.